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Ignite Student Interest in STEAM

This course provides everything an educator needs to ignite student interest in STEAM topics and careers. Research shows that learning about STEAM careers and the diverse people working in these fields inspires students and makes the study of science, technology, engineering, and math more meaningful to them. In this course, educators learn how to engage students in STEAM, how to incorporate diverse role models into their instruction, and how to overcome negative STEAM stereotypes.

sl-oa-icon-flash  Integrates Cool Careers in STEM books
sl-oa-icon-display  24/7 flexible, self-paced online access
sl-oa-icon-star  May qualify for salary point advancement credit

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Teach STEAM Using the 5Es

The course shows you how to design effective STEM lessons using the 5E instructional model. Under this model, developed by the Biological Science Curriculum Council, each lesson is divided into five easily remembered segments – Engage, Explore, Explain, Elaborate, and Evaluate. This approach is based on research showing that students learn more readily when they – not the teacher – are the ones assessing their existing understanding and doing the work required to improve that understanding. The course explains the research that supports this approach and shows what to do, and what not to do, at each stage of a 5E lesson. The course also shows how to make 5E lessons even more engaging by embedding the stories of women and men from diverse background doing exciting work in STEM fields.

sl-oa-icon-flash  Integrates Key Concepts in Science and Cool Careers in STEM Books
sl-oa-icon-display  24/7 flexible, self-paced online access
sl-oa-icon-star  May qualify for salary point advancement credit

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STEAM Connections to Common Core - Coming Soon

This “mini PD” shows educators how to incorporate STEAM topics as they address specific Common Core standards in nonfiction literacy, mathematics, and more while also supporting student engagement.

sl-oa-icon-clock  2 hours of online instruction
sl-oa-icon-flash  Integrates Common Core State Standards
sl-oa-icon-display  24/7 flexible, self-paced online access