About the Sally Ride Educator Academy

Supported by Sally Ride Science (SRS) and part of the University of California Professional Development Institute (UCPDI) at UC San Diego, the Sally Ride Educator Academy (SREA) is committed to providing opportunities for applied research, teaching and service for practitioners of science education across PK-20. In so doing, SREA offers resources and trainings dedicated to innovative and holistic pedagogical approaches to STEAM education, incorporating Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) and building upon the SRS model.

As a hub for educational transformation, SREA serves as a center for partnerships with institutions across the globe and as an accessible clearinghouse for best practices as developed and curated by science educators. The Academy also supports Sally Ride fellows and scholars engaged in work around STEAM education for diverse learners and related professional development couched within the SRS framework.

In collaboration with the Department of Education and Behavioral Sciences (DEBS) at UC San Diego Extension, SREA offers series of seminars, courses and certificates based in SRS and aligned with local and state standards. These courses carry salary scale applicable academic credit for K-12 teachers and may meet requirements for licensure renewal and/or certification.

The Academy plans to launch two online courses in fall quarter, 2018. These courses (Ignite Student Interest in STEAM for Multiple Subject Teachers and Ignite Student Interest in STEAM for Middle School Teachers) are designed to engage students cognitively and affectively through authentic connections and experiences, viewed through the lens of careers in STEAM. Best practices and challenges are explored in depth, providing a solid foundation for future work with STEAM content. These courses will be followed by others focusing on lesson design, differentiation and assessment, as well as student support.

Email inquires to: srseducator@ucsd.edu


Offers educators an engaging way to refine their STEAM teaching skills.


Flexible, self-paced, STEAM-focused, online professional development for teachers.